“ Invent it or improve it”

I am a Mechatronics Engineering student at Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Guadalajara. I consider myself as an interested person in developing new technology in order to improve and optimize processes.

During my stay at the institution I have carried out various activities:

LiFE Prize. Better performance in the Internship Program

during a semester January-May 2019

Best proyect of (Basic sciences) Camalleon Balls & Ionic Sound

Chameleon Balls: Spherical-shaped anthocyanin beds extracted from flowers and vegetables used as low-cost pH identifiers.
The sound of the Ions: Device used to measure electro-conductivity in different fluids based on the principle of the Kohlraush bridge. May 2018.

Roborave México (International) 2019

4th Place in the Sumo Bot 3 kilograms category

American Football Robot

Construction two robot controler in a week

Programming OP3 robots

Programming humanoid robots using ROS Melodic in C++, focus in RoboCup competition Standard Plataform League. August 2019 - Present


Team for the ELECTRATON COMPETITION 2019 I am in charge of the electronic part and control of the electric car. August 2019 - Present

Extra & Contact Information

Cel: +52 331 254 393 4
E-mail: A01632255@itesm.mx

Birthdate: August 12th 1998
Residence: Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico